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Our boarding facilities are spacious, comfortable and safe. Now boarding rabbits, birds and small animals too.

Grooming Salon

What we can offer

Zoe de la Mare is City and Guilds trained. She can book you in for a full groom to your requirements.


Our services include:

  • Our facilities meet all current Regulatory requirements
  • We trade throughout the year
  • Pets are accommodated in individual, heated sleeping quarters, each having an attached, covered exercise run
  • Pets are given individual OR group play sessions
  • We feed Vitalin grain free kibble and have Winalot and Butchers meat available
  • Dogs are exercised twice daily within our own grounds
  • Medication is administered free of charge, except for out of hours which is chargable at £1 per day
  • Pets are insured whilst in our care
  • A local VET is on call in an emergency


  • Pets must have valid vaccinations with an accompanying VET certificate
  • All animals have a heated pen at night, and raised beds
  • They have covered runs to provide shade in summer and protect from rain
  • We are dedicated to the health and welfare of all animals
  • Feel free to bring your own toys or bedding to remind them of home
  • Each cat has an individual safe heated cabin with two levels




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